Golf Channel co-opts MLK's 'Dream'

 <b>Golf</b> Channel co opts MLK's 'Dream'

Golf Channel co-opts MLK's 'Dream'
There probably is a way for the Twitter account of a golf website to acknowledge the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech without it looking out of place next to all the golf talk. I don't know what that way would be, and I …

A peek inside golf's unwritten rulebook
… golf's unwritten rules will be on display at the Deutsche Bank Championship in Norton this week. NORTON — Golf on the PGA Tour is a game of power, precision, coordination, innovation, strength, skill, and occasionally stamina, among many other things.
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ff785 golf news default <b>Golf</b> Channel co opts MLK's 'Dream'

Polara Golf Ultimate Straight Golf Ball is put to the test by Ron Claiborne of ABC News. Ron and his golfing buddies were dubious about the no slice golf bal…

 <b>Golf</b> Channel co opts MLK's 'Dream'

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