Racing through Jenson USA

 Racing through Jenson USA

Some people start young, while some start old. But regardless of age and gender, cycling can be a great way to feel relax, get from one place to another, or even become part of one’s career. Unfortunately for the serious cyclists or for whoever who takes cycling as a hobby, costs for maintenance or spare parts can be very expensive over time. Plus, getting the right parts can be a daunting task to do if one does not know where to find them from.

Fortunately, these concerns can be remedied with the help of Jenson USA. Founded by Mike Cachat, Jenson USA is a place where cyclists can find an assortment of bicycle parts to buy from, a place for vendors to sell their bicycle-related products to, and is a great career opportunity for people to look at. To back them up, they have an excellent customer service to help people from all over to find the right products from the over 20,000 items available at Jenson USA, and have been awarded “Favorite Online Retailer” three years in a row as they give customers the best shopping experience possible. As most of their employees are cyclists themselves, they definitely can give both advice based on their experience with certain products and the feedbacks they have received from fellow cyclists and customers.

For those whom are not based in the US, Jenson USA has their very own online store as well where they frequently update their stocks based on real time. Unlike their physical store, this online store is opened around the clock every day of the week. This way, wherever you come from, you will be able to buy items from the comforts of your home, in your own time zone.

Another benefit of shopping with Jenson USA is that it can save you on your cycling needs in many ways:

Lower price than manufacturer’s suggested retail price

Occasional sales promotion

Be updated on weekly specials through e-mail subscription

Use of non-expiring Jenson USA gift card or electronic gift card (eGift Card)

Use of Jenson USA coupons to enjoy offers

Can find products according to price range, so can ensure do not exceed budget

Receive $ 10 gift card for next purchase if present order do not arrive on time

Nevertheless, Jenson USA is always finding ways to make your shopping experience more enjoyable and convenient to feed the enthusiasm of cyclists. For the pro-cyclists, start looking out for Jenson USA coupons from discount web sites, and always look out for their sales – you can feed this love for cycling without burning your pocket deep.

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 Racing through Jenson USA

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